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This high school level science course will provide the opportunity for your student to explore the answers to some very hard questions Christians have to face in our secular society today. They will be prepared to protect and defend their faith against controversial issues pertaining to science and the Bible that face while pursuing higher education. Students will use a compilation of articles to become familiar with material in preparation for viewing the class. It is our prayer that this course will build your students' faith as well equip them to better share their faith with others.
If your student completes the assigned work to your satisfaction, 1/2 of a Science credit may be awarded.
(Approximately 1 hour per day of homework)
Subjects to be covered will include:
� Foundations of the creation controversy
� Competing Christian views
� Radiometric dating techniques
� Colophons and perspectives
� The Fall and genetic re-engineering
� Flood geology vs uniformitarianism
� Catastrophic plate tectonics
� The geologic column and geologic time
� Fossil evidence
� Grand Canyon formation
� Mt St Helen's evidences
� The Post Flood Ice Age
� The Tower of Babel, Races and Ancient Man
� Dinosaurs in the Bible and recent history
� Starlight and Time
� Overview of the structure of the universe, galaxies, planets, and introductory information on cosmology
� Age of the universe and distant starlight
� Problems with the big bang hypothesis
� The unique nature of the earth
� Alleged evolutionary relationships
� Reproducing after created Kind, speciation, and natural selection
� Evolution and the phylogenic tree
� Icons of evolution
� Intelligent Design

Required Textbooks:
All reading will be provided with the "Online Class Sessions."


Sample Course
Combined Course


12 weeks - 10-12th grade

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