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More than 70% of kids who professed Christ before college and were raised in Christian homes choose to turn from their faith because of the so-called "science" they learn in school. 


All of Catie's courses are based on scriptural authority and seek to demonstrate how the Bible is consistent with every aspect of modern science.

As students learn difficult scientific concepts, their scriptural foundation will be affirmed. Scientific concepts are no longer mysteries that are explained by "random processes", but arrows that point to a glorious Creator.

Students will confidently trust the scriptures due to the myriad of supporting scientific facts. Rather than questioning their faith when faced with evolutionary challenges, students will recognize the deficiencies in the evolutionary ideology.


  • Students are encouraged to learn how to logically work through the material and problems preparing them to succeed in college

  • Continuously updated material to ensure maximum student benefit

  • Concept-based teaching to promote permanent retention

  • Great student success rate with standardized tests (SAT, SAT II, CLEP and AP)

Catie's enthusiasm and excitement for pursuing God through the study of science has been contagious for many of her students. Those who have never enjoyed science before have answered callings in scientific careers after experiencing Catie's passion for God's creation.

It is critical that we trust the inerrancy of the Word of God and know the scientific evidence that supports it. Once a Biblical foundation is laid, we are able to see how evolutionary science effects our world today. 

Give your children a foundation for their faith and equip them to face the secular world with confidence.

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