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Biblical Scientific Creationist

Catie is a disciple of Jesus Christ, wife, mother of three, grandmother, and a veteran home educator of over 25 years.

A true lover of science, her degree is in Eukaryotic Cell Biology from the University of Florida with a minor in Animal and Dairy Science from Auburn University.

Her passion is to enable her audiences and students to interpret science and life through a biblical worldview in an enthusiastic, entertaining encounter.

Catie's primary goal is to share the scientific evidence that supports the Genesis account and substantiates the inerrancy of the Word of God. Her passion is to enable her audience to interpret history and science through a thoroughly Biblical Worldview. She takes the latest scientific findings and translates them into God’s unchanging framework as found in the Bible in a layperson friendly fashion.

Catie is a high school science teacher and home educator of over twenty five years. She specializes in using science to prepare her students for their station in life and for their college experience.

Biblical Nutrition &

Catie started her exploration in Biblical Nutrition due to many illnesses within her own family. She shares biblically-based nutritional information that can help protect your family from many diseases Americans suffer from today. She also explores the latest evidence that shows how following God’s health and nutritional instructions will enable our body’s own immune system to help prevent many afflictions. Additionally, Catie translates these Biblical instructions into practical applications in today’s world.

"Catie Frates is rapidly becoming a home school heroine. Her rapid-fire, on-target teaching style -informative, entertaining, and inspiring..."

Dr. Gary Parker 
ICR Professor of Biology
Director, Creation Adventures Museum

" There are speakers who are knowledgeable, and then there are speakers who are knowledgeable, engaging, vivacious, use humor, and are passionate about their topic. Catie Frates is all of these things and then some! I'd sit through any and all of Catie's lectures, read any book she writes and possibly should start a fan club for her! All kidding aside, you will find I am not alone. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Catie as I have will attest for her integrity and her ability to convey the message about God's creation with passion and love."

Felice Gerwitz
Writer and Publisher
President of Media Angels, Inc.

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