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Sample Course

Welcome to this sample Biology course.

Please note this is only a portion of the course. 

Course Required Textbook(s):

Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Edition Textbook (ISBN: 9781932012545)

Solutions and Test Manual (ISBN: 9781932012552)


Course Procedure:

Students will follow the detailed reading and homework assignments (listed below) in preparation for watching the “Online Class Session” (accessed at


The below indicates when students should take tests and which "Online Class Session" include grading. 


Courses must be viewed in sequence (class 1, class 2, class 3), and are not available to be viewed out of order (class 9, class 3, class 8).


Want to view the full course syllabus? 


Biology Sample Syllabus


Reading assignments for each week are indicated by page numbers and include reading the labs within the assigned pages.

* OYO = Complete all On Your Own Questions in Reading

** Prep for lab = Read assigned lab, begin lab write up, by writing up the Headings, title, I. Purpose & II. Procedure

*** When completing Study Guide, the vocabulary is to be in your own words and short

**** Complete Lab write up = Writing up III. Observations & IV Conclusion which should be done after viewing “online class session”.

***** Extra Credit Lab Write ups, parents are responsible to grade & log for extra credit on the tests   



Prep for Class 1

1) Read pg. 1-21 in "Sample Reading"      

2) OYO       


Watch Biology Class 1 Part A and Part B     




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