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Q: Can my children share the course?
A: Yes! We encourage sibling sharing during your streaming access period! However, we do ask that each family buy their own course.

Q: Do we have to log on a certain date and time to watch the "Online Class Sessions?"
A: No, the sessions are already recorded in front of a live audience and available to you 24/7! Students can even re-watch each class as much as needed! *See course description for how long each class is available.

Q: If I purchase the course now, does it start to expire?
A: Each course has a different streaming period, the full year courses (32  weeks) have a 1 year streaming access period. 

Q: Do we have to complete the course in a regular school year?
A: No, you can go as fast or as slow as needed. The only time frame is the 1 year streaming period (less for shorter courses, please look at details on your course before you purchase).

Q: Do we have to complete the Labs at home to get credit?
A: No, if your student follows the syllabus by 1) Watching the labs on the "Online Class Sessions" and then 2) completing a lab write up (as indicated in syllabus), your student will have earned a "High School Science with Lab" credit.

Q: Can these courses be used in a Co-Op setting?
A: Yes! We even have suggestions on how to use them and special Bulk Buy pricing! Click Here for more information.

Q: Does Catie Grade my student's work?
A: No, we include detailed instructions for you on how to grade and assist your student with their homework.

Catie does grade tests in the "Online Class Session" following, the student taking their test as indicated on the syllabus.

Q: Do I have to buy the textbooks separately?
A: Yes, please see each course description for what textbooks are required and included for your desired course.

Q: How Long are the "Online Class Sessions" per week?
A: Average is 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes.

Q: Do you have discounts, etc.?
A: Yes, please click here for more information. 


Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: Yes, we've got you covered, get started here, select payment plans when you go to purchase.  

Q: How long will the homework take each day?
A: Homework should take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour per day depending on your students reading level. 

Q: Do I have to wait to begin the courses?
A: No! You can register and begin courses right away! (Please note: new courses that are still being finished will have a note indicating 'Coming Soon').

Q: How do students know what to do each week?
A: The student will follow the detailed syllabus to complete the assigned work each week.

Q: Can I purchase a Middle School course and make it count for high school credit?
A: Yes! We now have two "combined" level courses, that are middle school and high school level. Click here for more information.

Q: Can I use a Mac for Online Courses?
A: Yes! 

Q: Can I watch the "Online Class Sessions" on my iPad or tablet?
A: Yes! Android tablets run our courses (including Android phones) as well up to date iPads. Some functionally maybe  be limited though. 

Q: Should my student take physical science?
A: Yes! We recommend students begin their high school science career with Physical Science. Here is why:

  • All the later science courses assume your student completed Physical Science as a foundation to build upon. Physical Science meant to be a foundational course.


  • Students will learn a broad range of scientific concepts, including earth sciences, astronomy, and Scientific math (which is dimensional analysis that will be used later in Chemistry, Physics, and other upper level sciences). Students learning these concepts at this level will be better prepared to succeed later in more difficult sciences, where they are expected to be familiar with this material.


  • Catie covers much more than just what is in the textbook and we don't want them to miss out (i.e. Creation Astronomy, Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, etc).


  • Students learn how to do high school level work in this course, including the amount of reading, lab write ups, and the course structure for later high school courses.

  • It is highly suggested that students take Physical Science in the 9th grade.

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