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Dear Catie,


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your dedication to excellence in Christian education!  My daughter is currently enrolled in your Chemistry course, and she has become very passionate about the course.  She has been joking around singing and dancing, saying she loves Chemistry--and one day said, "Can I just be a chemist?!"  (She is actually planning to major in Elementary Education, but I have a feeling her young students will one day benefit from your passion about science!)


She is very grateful for your gift of teaching and thoroughly enjoys your sense of humor.  We didn't begin homeschooling until after 5th grade in the public school system, and at that time I had very little confidence in being able to homeschool through high school.  Because of amazing resources and the incredible dedication of people such as yourself, it makes the task not only possible, but enjoyable. 


I want you to know how sincerely grateful we are for you and all you've done for us. 


Many Blessings


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