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Discovering Design with Chemistry

by Dr. Jay Wiles

Sample Course

Welcome to this sample Chemistry course.

Please note this is only a portion of the course. 

Suggested Materials:

Texas Instruments Calculator, TI-30 XA 


Course Required Textbook(s):

Discovering Design with Chemistry by Jay Wiles (ISBN: 099627846X)
Answer Keys and Tests Booklet (ISBN: 0996278478) 


Course Procedure:

Students will follow the detailed reading and homework assignments (listed below) in preparation for watching the “Online Class Session” (accessed at


The student will follow the syllabus as well as online course instructions to know when you complete tests etc.        



Want to view a full course syllabus?



Prep for Class 1    (Make sure you completed the above assignment before going on!)

This is the homework to be done BEFORE our first class thus it is “preparation for class 1.”

1)   Read pages 1-19 stopping before “Measuring Mass.” Be sure to read all experiments and complete all Comprehension Checks

within the given reading assignment every week.

2)   Prep for Experiments 1.1 and 1.2. (Described above)





Watch Discovering Design with Chemistry Class 1 and Class 2







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