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This course will focus on our Creator's grand finale, mankind and how we are to exercise proper stewardship of our bodies. We will explore the creation model of man for 3 weeks, medical history for 5 weeks, and then dive into 10 of the 11 body systems. We will not cover the reproductive system in class due to its delicate nature. Then after 1 week exploring how our body fights foreign invaders, we will spend 8 weeks on what the Bible says about how we should fuel our body and what the health benefits are when we follow God's instructions. Mrs. Frates likes to call this study, "Make your Home a Cancer Free Zone" in hopes that this information may help some families prevent this dreaded disease. This class includes dissections of a sheep's heart, calf's eye, and fetal pig among other experiments.

(Approximately 1 hour of homework per day)
In this upgraded version of the "Florida Science" course, students will share the vast majority of the "Online Class Sessions". High School students will have additional assigned reading, study guides, tests, and a few supplementary "Online Class Sessions" to complete.
If the high school student completes the assigned work to parent's satisfaction, this course can be recorded as a "High School Science Credit" on his/her transcript.

Required Textbooks:
(Textbooks are sold separately)
Margaret Matt Human Anatomy Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Book) (ISBN: 9780486241388)
Your Body and How it Works by Pat and Barb Ward (ISBN: 9781580371117) (available through Christian Book Distributors)
Exploring the History of Medicine by John Hudson Tiner (ISBN: 9780890512487)
Biblical Nutrition Workbook written by Catie Frates (Download provided with the course)
Creation Workbook written by Catie Frates (Download provided with the course)
Body by Design by Alan L. Gillen (ISBN: 0-89051-296-5)
What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Dr. Rex Russell
High School Biblical Scientific Creation Model of Origins, Study guides and Tests (Download provided with the course)


Sample Course
Combined Course


32 weeks - 6-9th grade

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