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The course discusses such topics as the unifying concepts and processes of science, the structure and properties of matter, metric conversions, the chemical composition of air, the atmosphere, the chemical composition of water, the hydrosphere, the structure of the earth, the catastrophic plate tectonics model, weather, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton's Laws, entropy and conservation of energy, gravity, electromagnetic forces, atomic structure and forces, chemical reactions, radioactive forces, the nature of sound and light waves, stellar evolution, and an introduction to astrophysics. It builds the relationship between science, technology, society and real life.

(Approximately 45 minutes per day of homework)
If the student completes the assigned work to parent's satisfaction, this course should be recorded as Physical Science with Lab credit. For lab credit with online courses, students must complete full lab write ups for the experiments, as specified on the syllabus.

Required Textbooks:
(Textbooks and test manuals are sold separately)
Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science 2nd Edition Textbook (ISBN: 9781932012774)
Solutions and Test Manual (ISBN: 9781932012781)
Supplemental reading as described in the syllabus (Download provided with the course)


Combined Course


32 weeks - 9th grade

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