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(Middle School Portion)
This class is the last 9 weeks of "The History of Medicine and Biblical Nutrition". After 1 week exploring how our body fights foreign invaders, we will spend 8 weeks on what the Bible says about how we should fuel our body and what the health benefits are when we follow God's instructions. Mrs. Frates likes to call this study, "Make your Home a Cancer Free Zone" in hopes that this information may help some families prevent this dreaded disease.

(Approximately 1 hour of homework per day)

Required Textbooks:
Biblical Nutrition Workbook written by Catie Frates (Download provided with the course)

(High School Portion)
This will be a very brief look at the interesting subject of Biblical Nutrition. We will explore ways that may help us prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. by following the instructions given to us in God's Word.
Warning: the contents of this course will change the way your family eats! Please Note: As this course is only four weeks long, it does not qualify your student for a High School credit. As such, we have included a list of suggested reading material to fulfill the rest of the requirements for either a half or whole credit.

Required Textbooks:
What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Dr. Rex Russell


Sample Course
Combined Course


13 weeks - 6-12th grade

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